KCK issues Afrin call for all Kurds and humanity

KCK Executive Council Co-presidency has issued a statement and said nobody directly or indirectly involved in the invasion attacks against Afrin will be forgiven.

KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council Co-presidency issued a written statement and said Afrin has become a test for not just Kurds but the whole of humanity.

KCK called on the Kurdish youth to refuse to serve in the Turkish army and issued a separate warning to the village guards.

The statement issued today by the KCK Executive Council Co-presidency is as follows:

“The AKP-MHP fascist government is waging its animosity against Kurds and democracy throughout the Middle East, like they attack the Kurdish people and the forces of democracy in Turkey. They are attacking Afrin with the goal to invade in line with this mindset and politics. To implement this invasion, they are provoking the anti-Kurdish chauvinism already present in the society in Turkey. In this atmosphere of chauvinism, on one hand they are making people scream ‘Chief, send us to Afrin’, and on the other they slap on fatigues on artists and men of the cloth and take them to the Afrin border. They are militarizing the whole society, including children, to demand blood.


With the Afrin invasion, they are trying to massacre Kurds and force them away, thus de-Kurdify Kurdistan. The Turkish state and their army is an enemy to the Kurds, not just in Bakurê (Northern) Kurdîstan but everywhere the Kurds live. In this sense, all Kurds must stand against this state and this army. Until it is democratized, Turkey will be an enemy to the Kurds and continue to kill Kurds with their army and their police. They will continue the Kurdish genocide. In this sense, this state is the enemy of all Kurds. That is why no Kurdish youth should serve in the army. Serving in the military is being a partner to the invasion of Afrin and animosity against Kurds everywhere. It means normalizing and legitimizing the genocide imposed upon Kurds.

The AKP-MHP fascism shows open hostility against Kurds now. Their alliance with MHP and all enemies of Kurds has exposed the truth of the AKP completely. It is high time all Kurds stand against this anti-Kurdish government. The most clear stance in this should be the Kurdish youth refusing to serve in the Turkish army anymore. The worst thing in the world is to kill your own people, and be party to the crimes against your people.


All Kurdish youth must know that the Turkish army is an army of genocide. Their most fundamental duty is to create the order of oppression and tyranny to impose a genocide upon Kurds. To be the watchmen for the order of oppression and tyranny. We see this role of the army every day in Bakurê Kurdîstan. And now they want to invade Afrin and the whole of Rojava Kurdistan. They have built many military bases in Bashurê (Southern) Kurdîstan as an invading force as well. Kurdish youth must not serve in this army and be part of such an anti-Kurdish institution. They must not fall to the position of being an enemy to their own people. The place for Kurdish youth is with the guerilla and the freedom movement who are the force for the freedom of the Kurdish people. Right now, the most organized force of the Kurdish youth is the freedom guerilla.

Starting with the Kurdish youth, no Kurd should be party to the anti-Kurdish sentiment and the invasion of Afrin. The AKP-MHP fascism is trying to make everyone complicit in the invasion of Afrin and the massacre of Kurds. This invasion operation to de-Kurdify Afrin and settle in gangs also wants to utilize village guards. The policy to use Kurds against Kurds through village guards will also be implemented in Afrin. The village guards who are supposed to be protecting the villages officially are being dragged into a war which takes place in an area that doesn’t concern Turkey.


The village guards should not accept forced complicity by the AKP-MHP fascist government in such a crime that will never be forgiven in the eyes of the Kurdish society or history. They should not draw their weapons against the oppressed people of Afrin. They should not facilitate the de-Kurdification of Afrin and the city being handed over to gangs.

Afrin has become a test for not just Kurds but for the whole of humanity. Anybody directly or indirectly involved in the invasion of Afrin will be considered criminals in the face of history and will never be forgiven in any way. They will always carry the black stain of complicity in the genocide in Afrin on their foreheads. Those who oppose the invasion of Afrin will always hold their clean heads up high."