KCK: Everyone should stand with Sur's people against demolition

Describing Sur as the soul of Amed, KCK called on everyone to support the resistance of Sur's people against the Turkish state's demolition.

KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council Co-Presidency released a statement about the Turkish state's demolition in Amed's Sur district.

KCK stressed that: “The genocidal colonialist fascist powers under the lead of Tayyip Erdoğan aimed to change the demographic structure of Kurdistan by burning the cities to the ground, massacring hundreds of women, children, youth and elderly and pushing our people out of their homes on the basis of the collapse plan they prepared in the autumn of 2014. By razing our ancient Kurdish towns to the ground, Sur in the first place, they seek to concentrate our people in genocide camps in a concrete jungle without a spirit, culture and past.

Under the guise of urban transformation, the AKP government leveled to the ground the neighborhoods of the poor and of communities that live together to protect their identity, culture and faith, and opened them for rent. Cohort building contractors were thus made rich and the communities with distinct cultural identity and values that lived in their neighborhoods in solidarity with each other were dispersed.”


Remarking that the demolition of cities and neighborhoods in Kurdistan has been made into an instrument of physical and cultural genocide, KCK said the demolition of neighborhoods in Suriçi, Amed aims to render the Kurdish people's spirit and identity indistinct and make it a raw material of genocide.

The statement continued:

“While the ancient neighborhoods of Sur have already been leveled to the ground in an effort to break the people's will for self-governance, other ancient neighborhoods of Alipaşa and Lalebey are also being through a demolition now without obtaining the view and approval of the people and civil society organizations. Ancient streets, neighborhoods and villages, houses built by the people and streets they live in are being razed to the ground under the guise of urban transformation. The AKP government that does not recognize the will of the people and peoples reveals its authoritarian and despotic mindset and implementation as it razes the neighborhoods.


The fascist government has enacted demolition acts by ignoring the view and will of the communities and people, and resorted to inhumane methods and ways such as cutting off the water and power in order to push the people out of their homes. The people of Sur are facing efforts to be evacuated from their neighborhoods by use of force. This attack and demolition of neighborhoods is a continuation of the destruction of Sur with tanks and artillery during 2016. The AKP government resumes its collapse plan through various methods and ways at the moment.”


KCK said all the Kurdish people and civil society organizations should see the fact that this attack is an aggression aiming to break the Kurdish people's will, and continued: “They want to build a concrete jungle without spirit and culture as a tombstone for Sur that they have destroyed. They are after gaining rent over this destruction. Our people and all democratic civil society organizations should stand with the people of Sur who are resisting this genocidal fascist attack and grave robbers. The people of Amed should join this resistance in the person of Sur residents whose houses are being demolished. This resistance is the most legitimate democratic right of the people of Sur and Amed. Worthily of their history of democratic struggle, Amed people should stand with the Sur people's resistance and not allow the grave robbers to break the will and rob the spirit of Amed's people. On this basis, we call on the people of Amed to enhance the democratic resistance together with the people of Sur, and we call on all the Kurdistan people and their friends to support this struggle.”