KCK calls for strong participation in the boycott against schools

KCK Education Committee called upon all Kurdistan people to join and strongly support the boycott called by DTK at the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year on September 28.

KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Education Committee has released a statement voicing support to the Democratic Society Congress (DTK) regarding the school boycott it has called for at the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year on September 28. KCK called upon all Kurdistan people to join and strongly support the boycott.

KCK Education Committee remarked that the Middle East chaos, in the center of which stands Kurdistan, has entered a new phase with the democratic nation resolution by the realization of the Rojava Revolution as a model for the co-existence of different communities in the region. The Education Commitee of the KCK pointed out that the cantonal system developed in Rojava strikingly manifests how local democracy and self-rule must be, and has revealed opportunities for a democratic resolution serving the sustenance of mother-tongue education and authentic cultures of the peoples.


The statement by KCK Education Committee underlined that; "The colonialist Turkish state regime that has executed all kinds of fascism on the peoples of Kurdistan and Anatolia, deems our people worthy of assimilation, emigration, massacre, physical and cultural genocide for a hundred years. It has done, and continues doing everything possible to massacre and suppress all the cultural, linguistic, religious and ethnic communities that resisted this imposition. The most dangerous of these is the cultural colonialism on the brains of societies which is also described as white massacre, and recognized as cultural genocide by the UN documents."

KCK emphasized that Erdoğan and AKP's green fascism subjects the Kurdish people to a synthesis of policies and practices of assimilation, genocide, plunder, denial and annihilation that started with the Ottoman Empire and continues with the Turkish Republic today.

"We are facing a particular pro-war mob that is severed from all belief and human values, so much so that it even attacks the Kurdish people's cemeteries of martyrs, sacred places and primary schools that provide education in mother tongue at the cost of great prices. With the most recent attacks, they have proved that they can do any madness with the fear of losing the power and paying the price of all the crimes they have committed against our peoples so far."


KCK Education Committee stressed that the Kurdish people have no choice left but to protect their existence and attain their freedom by resisting the system of total denial and annihilation, and described the Bakurê (Northern) Kurdistan people's declarations of self-rule on the basis of self-defense as a use of the legitimate and sacred right to exist.

According to KCK, advancement and defense of self-rule by all communities of Kurdistan and realization of co-existence with their own will and self-force, is the only way for liberation from the persecution of fascism.

"The role of Kurdish mothers has been determinant in the protection and survival of all national-cultural values of the Kurdish people, especially the Kurdish language. Kurdish women do have a leading duty also in the building of the self-rule system being developed today. Social education is the basic duty of mothers and women who are expected to play the leading role in the advancement of the democratic nation's education system."

KCK underlined that one of the primary points of the self-rule is to fulfill the right and work of educating children and youths in their mother language in accordance with their societal traditions and values of struggle. Describing this as an essential existential right, KCK said advancement of education and training in mother tongue across Northern Kurdistan is the most basic work of building democratic autonomy. The statement underlined that the sense and building of democratic nation cannot be achieved unless a democratic nation education system is improved.


Voicing support to Democratic Society Congress' call for a boycott against the colonialist educational institutions at the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year on September 28, KCK Education Committee called upon the patriotic Kurdish people, all revolutionary, democratic and socialist circles to reject the colonialist Turkish state regime's system of assimilation and auto-assimilation which is implemented as the primary means of denial and annihilation; to improve their own education system and to ensure strong participation in the boycott action called by the DTK.