Jurists: Kurds should have a constitution

In the national unity workshop, Lawyer Hejar Kakaî stated that the Kurds need a social contract. International Law Expert Dr. Osman Îsmail said: “We should have a constitution that will be above all of us and have binding power.”

Jurists participating in the national unity workshop organized by the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) in Sulaymaniyah stated that the Kurdish people need to have a constitution and that role could be fulfilled by the national congress. Lawyer Hejar Kakaî and international law expert Dr. Osman Îsmail spoke to ANF.


Hejar Kakaî said the Kurds need a common program for after the ISIS war and stated that the basic condition for that is achieving national unity. Kakaî said the Kurds should not wait around for any political party for national unity any more and added: “In the military sense, as the ISIS war draws to a close, Kurds should unite and put forth their strength. And for that, achieving national unity at once is necessary. And at the point of achieving national unity, the time to wait around for any political party has passed. If some people choose not to participate and are allergic to national unity, then the KNK should move forward.”


“On top of the developments to date, bigger changes are afoot for the Middle East,” said Kakaî and, stating that the Kurdish people need a new social contract with the peoples they live together with, continued: “For instance, in Rojava, after the ISIS war there will come greater changes. These changes will have an effect on Northern Kurdistan as well. Today the Kurds are at a good level, both on the field and in the world. To turn this into political success, we need to achieve unity. I believe that in the lands they live in the Kurds need a new social contract for both the internal issues they have and for the other peoples they live together with.”


International law expert Dr. Osman Îsmail stressed the need for a constitution that will be binding for all Kurds. Îsmail said the national congress can take on this role and added: “National unity should have been achieved long ago, but today is not too late either. For both Kurds in the four parts, and those abroad, we need a common project for our future. We need to have a constitution. Because the Kurdish issue is not one to be solved overnight. There needs to be a constitution that will be above social groups, parties, individuals and organizations that will be binding. But for that, first we need unity.”