Journalist Mercadier: The biggest problem is the cooperation between KDP and Turkey

French journalist Sylvain Mercadier said that the biggest problem in the Kurdish region is the cooperation between the KDP and Turkey.

French journalist Sylvain Mercadier, who is part of the International Peace Delegation in South Kurdistan, said that the situation in the region is problematic and added that the biggest problem is the cooperation between the KDP and Turkey.

He said that the KDP has fallen to the test with its own founding principles by supporting the occupation of South Kurdistan by Turkey and added that is hard to understand this situation. Sylvain Mercadier cited Cyprus as an example.

The French journalist said that nationalism separates people who have lived side by side for centuries and that Turkish nationalism is very radical. He added that if the Kurds have their own personal rights, they will continue to live together, and that the Kurds are in search of a political system that will ensure their own freedom.

Mercadier also criticized the AKP government and emphasized that Turkey is a prisoner of its own ideology and described the Turkish state system as the only surviving fascist-leaning system after the Second World War.

Talking about the murder of HDP employee Deniz Poyraz in Izmir, the French journalist said the killing can also be evaluated within this framework, and added that the nationalist ideology shared by Arab countries and Turkey is facing resistance today.

Speaking about Turkey's Ottoman dreams, Mercadier stated that the EU reacted very weakly to Turkey's actions and added that the Erdogan government wanted the EU to remain silent about Turkey's expansion in Iraq, Syria and Kurdistan, and threatened the EU with an influx of refugees to ensure this silence. He said that the EU's silence is in fact a crime.

Sylvain Mercadier said that the EU only confronted Turkey on issues such as oil or natural gas but remained silent about other crimes and he cited the tension in the Eastern Mediterranean as an example.