'Iraqi government has not recognized the Yazidi genocide yet'

Nayif Shemo, a member of the Tribes Committee of the Shengal Autonomous Administration, said that the mass graves recently opened in the village of Qinê have devastated the Yazidi community.

On August 3, 2014, ISIS carried out a massacre against the Yazidi community in villages and districts of Shengal (Sinjar) and the victims were buried in mass graves. Out of the total 87 mass graves located in the region, 34 have been opened in Shengal. The Iraqi state, which has not recognized the massacre against the Yazidis as a genocide, steps into action to open mass graves every year on the anniversary of the massacre.

Yesterday, work began to open 6 mass graves in the village of Qinê, located in the southeast of Shengal. According to the witnesses, almost 100 people are buried in these mass graves. Institutions of the Shengal Autonomous Administration were also present during the opening of the mass graves.

'A new wound for Yazidis'

Nayif Shemo, a member of the Tribes Committee of the Shengal Autonomous Administration, who was also there as the mass graves were opened, stated that the mass graves made a new wound for the Yazidi community. “These massacres were carried out by ISIS. Everyone knows what ISIS did to the Yazidis. Yazidi women are still sold in slave markets,” he said.

'The Iraqi government ignores us'

Shemo condemned the Iraqi government, saying, “Hundreds of our martyrs are buried in mass graves. The Iraqi government has always ignored us.”

'Iraqi government does not recognize Yazidi genocide'

Shemo emphasized that the massacre against the Yazidis is still not recognized as a genocide by Iraq. He added, “The Iraqi government does not respond to any of our demands. Our rights are rejected, and Yazidi genocide is not recognized. We no longer trust the Iraqi government. Iraq has become putty in the hands of foreign forces.”