Iranian soldiers kill two Kurdish kolbers

Two Kurdish kolbers -Kurdish word for porter in border region- were shot by Iranian soldiers in the eastern city of Bane.

According to local sources, two kolbers were killed by Iranian forces near Hengejal village in Bane around 10 a.m., Monday morning. The victims were identified as Heyder Fereci from Sesan village and Qadir Behrami from Zimla village.

Fereci was dead on the spot and Behrami lost his life shortly after he was transferred to the hospital, local sources added.

After the news broke several hundred Kurds gathered in front of the military outpost in Bane and protested Iranian government. Protestors reportedly broke the main entrance of the outpost.

The local organizations called for a mass protest on Monday afternoon.

Iran’s attacks against kolbers showed a dramatic increase in recent months. Kurdish organizations blame Iran’s new army commander in the region, Mohammed Felahi for the killing of kolbers.