Intellectuals and academics visit Qandil in support of guerrillas

After peshmergas and youths from Southern Kurdistan, a group of intellectuals and academics from Behdinan region have visited Qandil and expressed support for guerrillas.

A group of intellectuals and academics from Behdinan region of Southern Kurdistan have visited Qandil today and called on Kurdish parties to gather for national congress immediately.

Speaking on behalf of the group, Duhok University lecturer and KNK (Kurdistan National Congress) Executive Board Member Kamuran Berwari said PKK is the party of all Kurdistan rather than one part alone, and that guerrillas are the defense force of the entire Kurdistan territory.


Stressing that PKK has a right to struggle everywhere in Kurdistan, saying: "Those who want the PKK to leave Southern Kurdistan handle this issue from the perspective of one single part of Kurdistan and their own interests. In this regard, their attitude is the same with the approach of those who occupy Kurdistan and bear enmity towards Kurds."


The delegation was welcomed in Qandil by KCK Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Serhat Varto, accompanied by a group of guerrillas, who extended thanks to all those who provide support, and said they appreciate and give importance to this visit. Varto remarked that this visit is a message that Kurds will not engage in fratricide once again.

Varto pointed out that Kurds are determined to resist against occupation and genocide, noting that they as Kurdish freedom movement are prepared to break the repression and attacks on the Kurdish movement. Varto added that they want to develop the preparations started for national congress.


Calling attention to the problems among Kurdish political forces, Varto said national congress was the way to come up with a solution to these problems.

Referring to the statements of some Kurdish parties that cite internal problems as an obstacle to national congress, Varto said: "Problems are not an obstacle for national congress which is indeed the ground needed for the resolution of these issues. Realization of the national congress is the demand of our people. The Turkish state is trying to create an anti-Kurdish atmosphere. However, if all Kurdish political forces unite, no occupant force will ever be able to stand against the strength of Kurds. In the event of a probable attack on Qandil, our people will stand against Turkish tanks in the same way they did in Bamernê."