HPG: We pay tribute to the comrades fallen martyr in Van

HPG Press Contact Center has released the identity of the two guerrillas who fell martyr as a result of clashes in Van. The HPG expressed its condolences to the families of martyrs and the people of Kurdistan.

The HPG said in a statement:

"In our statement dated 13 October, we told the public that the occupying Turkish army had launched an operation in the village of Tuzek in ​​Gürpınar district in Van on October 10 and that two of our friends who fought heroically fell martyrs in the erupting clashes which lasted until the morning of 11 October .

The identity of our friends who fell martyr is as follows:


     Code Name: Argeş Çiya
     Name: Fırat Bozkurt
     Place of Birth: Van
     Mother - Father Name: Ayşe - Şabettin
     Date and Place of Martyrdom: 11 October 2019 / Van





       Code Name: Welat Cilo
       Name and Surname: Ciger Akdoğan
       Place of Birth: Hakkari
       Mother and Father Name: Sabiha - Aziz
       Date and Place of Martyrdom: 11 October 2019 / Van




Comrades Argeş and Welat were born in different cities of Kurdistan and witnessed the enemy reality closely.

From the moment they joined the guerrilla practice, they carried out a relentless resistance against the enemy in the hardest time of war.

Argeş and Welat fell martyr and once again we promise to continue our struggle mercilessly until we free our people on the basis of the resistance tradition laid down by our martyrs."