HPG: Turkish army was dealt heavy blow at Çukurca border

HPG announced that the Turkish army was heavily hit during their attempt at invasion on Çukurca border line.

HPG Press Center issued a statement on the invasion operation carried out by the Turkish army since June 17 on the Çukurca border line. According to the HPG statement, at least 30 soldiers have been killed in clashes.

The HPG statement said: “The occupying Turkish army’s invasion operation launched on June 16 at 21.30 in the Zap area in Medya Defense Zones, and the clashes that ensued continue in all intensity.”

The statement included the following on the development and process of the operation:


On June 17, at 04.30 the occupying Turkish army carried out intense bombings on Küçük Cilo and Martyr Munzur areas and the Gijnê village. Then they attempted to enter the Gijnê village and Qela Bedewê area by land. The troops advancing from the ground and the soldiers deployed in Qela Bêdewe territory with Sikorsky helicopters were targeted and our forces carried out attacks in 6 different locations. 20 enemy soldiers were killed in these attacks as far as we could determine.

A guerrilla unit shot at enemy soldiers at close range as the occupying Turkish army was recovering from the first attack, and 3 soldiers were killed in this action as far as we could determine. Our forces simultaneously targeted soldiers attempting to take position in the Gijne back. In the action carried out in the Gijne back, 2 enemy soldiers were killed and 3 others were wounded as far as we could determine.


The same afternoon, an enemy unit en route to help the dead and wounded soldiers and a Sikorsky helicopter were targeted by our forces. The Sikorsky helicopter was fired at with heavy weapons and had to leave the area due to damage it suffered. The same fire has killed 1 enemy soldier. Later Sikorsky type helicopters came back accompanied with Cobra type helicopters and removed the dead and wounded from the area.

At 17.00 our forces targeted the enemy forces on Gijnê back a second time. In this attack, 1 enemy soldier was killed and another was wounded. Our forces targeted soldiers trying to build their position in the Qela Bêdewe territory and delivered effective hits at close range. In this action, 3 enemy soldiers were killed and another was wounded as far as we could determine.

The occupying Turkish army then went on to bomb the whole area from the morning hours until 22.00 that night. The enemy bombed the area with Howitzers and mortars continuously and targeted Nêrvêh, Bêdê and Saca villages and the Karker hill with jet fighters. After the aerial attacks, partial fires broke out in several spots but our forces intervened and extinguished the fires.

In the invasion operation launched by the occupying Turkish army, a total of 30 soldiers were killed and 5 others were wounded, as far as we could determine.


Comrade Mazlum Nusaybin has been martyred fighting courageously to prevent the invasion operation launched on June 16 by the evening. Others who were wounded are receiving treatment. 

The invasion operation continues now and the public will be informed as we get clearer information.”