HPG reports airstrikes and war crimes by the Turkish army

Turkey has carried out further airstrikes on guerrilla areas in southern Kurdistan, and continued to commit war crimes in the guerrilla areas beyond its borders.

According to the HPG Press Center statement on Wednesday, YJA Star (Free Women's Troops) and HPG (People's Defence Forces) continue the resistance against the invading Turkish forces in the guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

HPG reported that the Turkish occupation army attacked the Medya Defense Zones seven times during the night of 3 October, adding that the guerrilla forces did not suffer any casualties in the bombardments.

In addition, the HPG reported further war crimes committed by the Turkish army. According to the statement, banned explosives have been used twice and chemical gases ten times since Monday, and the guerrilla positions were bombed by drones loaded with explosives twenty times.

On the other hand, the guerrillas carried out a series of actions against the Turkish invading forces, killing three soldiers and injuring three others. In addition, a drone and a military tent were destroyed, and a surveillance camera was damaged.

Regarding the details of the actions by the guerrillas, HPG provided the following information:

Şehîd Delîl Western front in the Zap region

In the Girê Amêdîyê resistance area, YJA Star guerrillas damaged two positions of the Turkish occupation forces in three actions with heavy weapons on 3 October. On the same day, a drone was shot down, and the operator of an A4 gun was killed by a guerrilla sniper. Two other soldiers were wounded in targeted attacks yesterday afternoon and last night.

Zap region

In the resistance area of Sîda, the Turkish army continues to try to demolish guerrilla positions with heavy construction equipment. On 2 October morning, a shovel excavator was fired at and hit with a heavy weapon.

Metîna region

One soldier was killed and another injured as the Turkish troops in the Girê Çarçel resistance area were struck four times with heavy weapons on 1 October. In addition, a military tent was destroyed and a surveillance camera installed by the army was damaged. On 2 October, a soldier was killed in a sniper attack in the area. On the same day, guerrillas carried out an action with heavy weapons in the Girê Ortê resistance area.

Attacks by the Turkish army

Regarding the use of banned weapons by the Turkish army, HPG reported that chemical gases were used seven times against guerrilla positions in Girê Ortê on 2 October. The guerrillas intervened with assault rifles and forced the Turkish troops to partially retreat for the time being. On 3 October, the army used banned explosives twice, and on 4 October, gas bombs were dropped three times by drones on the positions of the guerrillas.

In Girê Cûdî and Girê Amêdîyê, HPG recorded a total of twenty attacks on guerrilla positions with drones loaded with explosives on Tuesday.

The airstrikes on 3 October targeted the Girê Reşîd, Kanîsarkê and Girê Zengil areas in Gare, the western Zap region and the Enzê area in Qandil. In addition, artillery attacks were carried out on Zap and Metîna.