HPG pays tribute to guerrilla Rodî Nalîn

Guerrilla Rodî Nalîn died on Sunday in a battle with the Turkish army in Mardin, said the HPG.

Guerrilla Rodî Nalîn died on 3 December in a battle with the Turkish army in the northern Kurdish province of Mardin (Mêrdîn). The press center of the People's Defense Forces has published information about the battle and the identity of the fallen man.

According to the HPG, there were clashes between the Turkish army and Rodî Nalîn and another guerrilla on Sunday near the town of Deywan in Dargeçit (Kerboran) district. “Our two comrades fought courageously with their light weapons against the Turkish occupying army. During the fierce battle, our two comrades joined the caravan of the martyrs. One of the fallen is Rodî Nalîn. Information about the identity of our other comrade will be published as soon as it is clear,” wrote the HPG expressing its condolences to the family of Rodî Nalîn, the people of Mardin and the people of Kurdistan.

The HPG gave the following information regarding the identity of Rodî Nalîn:

  Codename: Rodî Nalîn

  First and last name: Orhan Elma

  Place of birth: Mardin

  Names of mother and father: Mecbure – Abdulkerim

  Date and place of death: 3 December 2023 / Mardin

Rodî Nalîn was born in the village of Marînê in Nusaybin (Nisêbîn). The village, located on Mount Bagok, is known for its proximity to the Kurdish freedom movement. Dozens of people from Marînê have joined the liberation struggle. Despite the massive repression of the Turkish state, the village population maintains their dignified and freedom-loving attitude.

Rodî's older sister Nalîn (Nadire Elma) joined the guerrillas in 1992 and died in Garzan in 1999. Due to state oppression, the family had to leave the village in 1993 and move to Istanbul. Rodî dropped out of school in 1999 and became active in the Kurdish youth movement. He later became involved in the Free Citizens' Movement to build and organize a democratic society.

In 2007, Rodî went to the mountains and became a guerrilla. He underwent basic training in Xakurke and remained in the region until 2011. From there he went to Botan in North Kurdistan and fought in Van, Besta, Cûdî and Gabar. The HPG describe Rodî Nalîn as a talented and self-sacrificing person with great practical intelligence and a personality characterized by initiative and courage. With these qualities he was successful everywhere in practice.

After six years in Botan, he returned to the Medya Defense Areas to pass on his experiences to others and to further his ideological and military training. In 2017, he took part in an educational program at the Şehîd Îbrahîm Academy and had the opportunity to question his previous practice and personality. He then took on various tasks in Zap and Metîna until 2019. He fought in a mobile unit and took responsibility in defending against the Turkish occupation attacks. He then went north again and, under difficult conditions, demonstrated his creative ability to find solutions to seemingly insoluble problems.

Rodî Nalîn stuck to his uncompromising attitude in battle until the last moment of his life.