HPG pays tribute to five guerrillas

The HPG Press Center (HPG-BIM) commemorated five guerrillas who fell martyrs during the airstrike carried out by the invading Turkish state last year in Xakurkê.

The HPG-BIM said in a written statement: "As a result of an air strike against the Xakurkê region in the Medya Defense Areas carried out by the invading Turkish army on 29 July 2019, our comrades Arteş, Bager, Demhat, Leşker and Simko fell martyrs."

The statement released the identity of the guerrillas:

Code Name: Arteş Welat Goyi
Name Surname: Gabar Şengül
Place of Birth: Şırnak
Mother's-Father's Name: Gülizar - Mirza
Date and Place of Martyrdom: 29 July 2019 / Xakurkê

Code Name: Bager Adar
Name Surname: Rıfat Adar
Place of Birth: Van
Mother's-Father's Name: Perişan - Kadir
Date and Place of Martyrdom: 29 July 2019 / Xakurkê

Code Name: Demhat Nerduş
Name Surname: Çetin Akın
Place of Birth: Hakkari
Mother - Father Name: Pakize - Ashat
Date and Place of Martyrdom: July 29, 2019 / Xakurkê

Code Name: Leşker Roj
Name Surname: Şahap Irçin
Place of Birth: Hakkari
Mother's-Father's Name: Hatem - Alaadin
Date and Place of Martyrdom: 29 July 2019 / Xakurkê

Code Name: Simko Kerboran
Name Surname: Nihat Baysal
Place of Birth: Mardin
Mother's-Father's Name: Münevver - Abdullah
Date and Place of Martyrdom: 29 July 2019 / Xakurkê

HPG-BIM said: "Our comrades Arteş, Demhat, Lesker, Bager and Simko were born in different parts of Kurdistan, grew up in a patriotic environment and witnessed the oppression and repression carried out by the Turkish state in all areas of life.

Our comrades, who have never accepted the genocidal and fascist practices, have sought freedom and truth and reached the reality that the main struggle will be given in the mountains of Kurdistan."

The statement added: "Our comrades, who joined the guerrilla ranks on different dates, joined the many martyrs of Kurdistan by fighting heroically against the invasion attacks until the last moment. They assumed they responsibility with great devotion in all areas of struggle, based on deepening in the ideology of Leadership. Our comrades Arteş, Demhat, Leşker, Bager and Simko have always been exemplary companions with their stances in life.

We wish our condolences to all our patriotic Kurdish people, especially the families of our comrades who reached martyrdom, and we reiterate the promise that we will carry our comrades' struggle for freedom to victory."