HPG member Dalkilic buried after 9 months

The body of HPG member Yusuf Dalkilic, who had lost his life last year in Bingol and was buried in the cemetery of the nameless, was received by his family to be buried properly.

The body of HPG member Yusuf Dalkilic (Haki Çermik), who had lost his life on December 19, 2017 in a Turkish army operation with air support along with 3 of his comrades, had been buried in the cemetery of the nameless in Malatya. When his family found out he had lost his life, they started appeals to receive his body. The body was given to the family yesterday, 9 months later.

Dalkilic’s body was removed from the cemetery and given to his family. The family took the body to the Kalecik village in Amed’s Cermik district where they are from to be buried.

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) MP Hisyar Ozsoy and HDP administrators attended the funeral.


On the way back from the funeral, Turkish soldiers stopped the attendants’ cars and made them wait. During the controls, the soldiers asked how HDP MP Hisyar Ozsoy was able to go to the funeral, as they had been planning to stop that.