HPG guerrilla fighter buried under police blockade

HPG fighter Yakup Salgın, who fell on March 30 in the region of Bagok, has been buried under a massive police blockade. Police allowed only the closest family members into the cemetery.

On Wednesday evening, guerrilla fighter Yakup Salgın (Ferhat) was buried in the Artuklu district, Mardin province. Salgın had been martyred in a Turkish air raid in the vicinity of Nusaybin on March 30. The guerrilla fighter's remains were handed over to his family following the results of a DNA examination. Salgın had to be exhumed because he had already been buried in an anonymous grave in the cemetery for people without relatives. Police used armored vehicles to track the hearse, which had been privately rented by the family, and comprehensively cordoned off the cemetery even before the burial. Many family members were prevented from attending. The police also prevented the religiously prescribed prayer for the dead by denying an imam access to the cemetery grounds.

This is one of the ways in which the Turkish state uses the bodies of fallen guerrilla fighters as a means of psychological warfare. Graves are repeatedly vandalized and the bodies of fallen fighters are abused or mutilated.