HPG discloses identity of two guerrillas

The HPG released the identity of two guerrillas who fell martyrs saying: "Our comrades have been fighting for freedom of the Kurdish people and values ​​until the very last moment."

The HPG Press Center said in a statement: "Kurdistan has struggled against colonial and genocidal forces throughout history and has paid a great price for the sake of freedom.

The people of Kurdistan have always managed to overcome difficulties and continued their struggle without stopping even under the most unbearable conditions. The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla took over this struggle legacy and continued to write great resistance epics on the mountains of Kurdistan. During the struggle, we also experienced losses. Our comrades Sudad and Şoreş reached martyrdom on 1 February while carrying out their duties on the Zagros Mountains."

The identity of the martyr guerrillas is as follows: 

    Code Name: Sudad Tolhıldan
    Name Surname: Hasan Ali Ahmed
    Birthplace: Rewanser
    Mother - Father Name: Emine - Ali
    Date and Place of Martyrdom: 1 February 2020 / Zagros





   Code Name: Şoreş Amanos
   Name Surname: Mahmud Haş Hemo
   Place of Birth: Efrin
   Mother - Father Name: Ehlam - Selahattin
   Date and Place of Martyrdom: 1 February 2020 / Zagros




The statement continued: "Our comrades Sudad and Şoreş were born in different parts of Kurdistan and at a young age felt their responsibility for Kurdistan freedom and joined the guerrilla struggle.

We extend our condolences to all the patriotic Kurdistan people, beginning from their valuable families. To our comrades Sudad and Şoreş, we promise that we will carry the flag of freedom."