HPG commemorate fallen fighter Devrim Amargî

Guerrilla Devrim Amargî fell a martyr in 2015 in the Kurdish mountains. The HPG pay tribute to the struggle of the militant who came to the guerrilla as an agent of the Turkish state and experienced a radical change in the PKK.

Guerrilla Devrim Amargî fell a martyr in an air strike by the Turkish army in the Medya Defense Areas on 11 August 2015, said the press center of the People's Defense Forces (HPG).                 

     Code name: Devrim Amargî

      First and last name: Mehmet Tokay

      Place of birth: Amed

      Mother and father’s name: Sariye - Ömer

      Date of martyrdom: 11/08/2015

      Place of Martyrdom: Medya Defense Areas

The HPG write about martyr Amargî: “In view of the freedom movement of Kurdistan, the Turkish colonial state is experiencing serious setbacks and faced defeat on a military, political and social level. To save himself from this situation, it carris out a genocidal policy against the Kurdish people. In this context, it focuses on special war policy. The Kurdish youth should be brought down in various ways and alienated from social reality. They should lose their ethical values ​​and be placed in a state in which they can no longer fulfil their patriotic tasks. In addition to the spread of drugs and prostitution in Kurdistan, the colonialist system primarily relies on recruiting agents. The Kurdish youth should be made passive. Since this disgusting policy does not lead to the desired results, the Turkish state falls back on the families of Kurdish youth. The relatives of our companions are threatened and put under pressure with various methods in order to use them for state politics.”

The statement added: “An example of this unethical policy is the life of our comrade Devrim. He was turned into an agent through threats and pressure in 2011 and then sent to our party. He was tasked with killing people from the party leadership. When comrade Devrim came to the guerrilla, however, he experienced the way of life and the cooperative relationships we have here. With the ideology and philosophy of Rebêr Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] he developed an awareness. He analyzed the system of capitalist modernity and saw the true face of the unethical Turkish state. This led to a profound questioning on his part and ultimately he confessed to his comrades. He decided to rid himself of the filth of the Turkish state and to remain with the guerrillas of his own free will and with determination. This decision was almost like a new birth.

Comrade Devrim made radical self-criticism. In order to pay off his debt to the Kurdish people, he really joined the PKK, based on a heartfelt and conscious decision. Since joining the guerrilla voluntarily, he enthusiastically participated in the revolutionary work with great anger towards the enemy. He shook off all the seeds of wickedness that the enemy wanted to plant in his personality. He fell a martyr in the brutal bombing of the mountains of Kurdistan by the Turkish state on 11 August 2015.

Because the plan of the Turkish state to use comrade Devrim as an informer, did not work, they tried to use his family, by convincing it to go and protest in front of the HDP headquarters.

We appeal to the youth of Kurdistan and all patriotic families to be alert in the face of the dirty politics of the Turkish state and the inhuman reality of the enemy and not to make any concessions to their patriotism. On this basis, we express our condolences to the family of our precious fallen and the patriotic people of Kurdistan."