HPG Commander Roj: We will reunite Öcalan with the people

HPG commander Rodî Roj said they won't give up their determination to reunite Abdullah Öcalan with the people.

HPG (People's Defense Forces) Commander Rodî Roj spoke to ANF on the occasion of the 21st anniversary of the International Conspiracy targeting the people of Kurdistan and the Freedom Movement in the person of Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Remarking that 32 states were involved in the international conspiracy led by Turkey against Abdullah Öcalan, Roj said although the conspiracy has been foiled in many ways, the concept behind it is still alive. Stating that they will break through the conspiracy and isolation and bring the people and Öcalan together this year, Commander Roj added: "This is the determination of our fight."

Reminding that social realities as well as the national struggle were tried to be suppressed for the last 200 years of Kurdistan's history by targeting Öcalan, Commander Rodî Roj added: "The leader's reality was tried to be silenced and suppressed by a conspiracy that started on 9 October 1998 and was supposed to be concluded on 15 February 1999. The geography of Kurdistan arises the appetite of hegemonic forces. Although it is analyzed on the basis of very simple and cheap economic interests, it is obvious that the conspiracy goes much deeper."

Commander Roj reminded that 32 states were involved in the conspiracy and added: "Many aspects of the conspiracy were foiled and removed, however the conspiracy continues as a concept. The conspirators were not able to achieve most of what they had planned. They succumbed to their own fears. Mr. Öcalan is a social reality rather than an individual."