HPG Commander Mahir Amed: The hunger strike is an act of rebellion

"The hunger strike is an act of rebellion," said Mahir Amed, one of the HPG commanders, who drew attention to the hunger strike launched to end the isolation and to achieve the freedom of Kurdish People's Leader Öcalan.

People's Defense Forces (HPG) commander Mahir Amed spoke to ANF about the indefinite hunger strikes started in prisons with the slogan "Dem Dema Azadiyê" (Time for Freedom). Mahir Amed, who started his speech by commemorating all the revolutionaries who were martyred in January, especially the martyrs of freedom, said the following:

"I greet comrades who resist in the prisons and our people fighting abroad. There are very important developments in Kurdistan and the region. Undoubtedly, the source of these developments is the Freedom Movement.

The Kurdish people and the Freedom Movement are resisting and fighting. Fascist attacks of the AKP and MHP government against our people are continuing. The Freedom Movement started a campaign under the slogan "Let's break the isolation, let's free Leader Apo, Time for Freedom". As part of the campaign we started, the guerrilla undertook an important responsibility.

Likewise, the Kurdish people support this process by resisting in public spaces. As is known, the resistance continues with hunger strikes in the prisons. Undoubtedly, prison resistance occupies an important place in the history of our movement. The prison resistances, especially the Amed prison resistance, show us how the form of struggle will be. Our friends started their hunger strike actions in accordance with the spirit of the campaign initiated by our movement. This is an act of rebellion. We salute all our friends who took part in the hunger strike resistance".


Amed recalled that the prison resistance aimed at the physical freedom of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan and continued: "As the guerrilla, we are not with our friends in the prisons, but we are entirely with them in spirit. This is why we, as guerrilla forces, want to respond to this process. It is very important that the struggle is not limited to the prison and the guerrilla.

The Kurdish people should actively participate in the freedom campaign that has been initiated with strong actions. Our friends in the prisons sacrifice their bodies in the resistance for the success of the campaign and the freedom of Leader Apo. As a guerrilla force, we should be able to respond to this by assuming our responsibilities with strong actions. Regardless of the cost, no matter how difficult and troublesome the situation is, we will put an end to the fascism of the Turkish state with tactical and new style actions."


"We know very well that the Turkish state is in serious weakness in the last period," said Mahir Amed, concluding his speech with the following words: "We will inflict the deadly blow to the AKP and MHP government during this process. Now the dictatorship of Erdogan and Bahceli will come to an end. Therefore, we will be involved in the process in the spirit of resistance in prisons. We reiterate our loyalty to Leader Apo (Abdullah Öcalan) and our support for the resistance in prisons.

We will fulfill whatever responsibility falls on us for the freedom of the Kurds and the people of Kurdistan. If our bodies are needed for freedom, we will do that too. The whole world knows that we are a movement that protects its people. I greet all our friends who resist in the prisons with the warmth of the mountains of Kurdistan.”