HPG: At least 35 soldiers and 6 police killed in actions by guerrillas

HPG Press Office said at least 35 soldiers and 6 police were killed in ongoing actions by HPG and YJA Star guerrillas in response to the attacks and massacres committed by Turkish military and police forces against the Kurdish people.

HPG Press Office said in a written statement that at least 35 soldiers and 6 police were killed in ongoing actions by HPG (People's Defense Forces) and YJA Star (Free Women's Troops) guerrillas in response to the attacks and massacres committed by Turkish military and police forces against the Kurdish people.

Guerrillas conducted a sabotage action against a convoy of the Turkish army heading from Çukurca to Yüksekova district of Hakkari with some 70 military vehicles in 3 groups at 16:00 on August 27.

The action by guerrillas targeted the 2nd and 3rd group of the convoy, leaving one military vehicle completely destroyed and four others heavily damaged. A total of 13 soldiers were killed in the action after which the first group of the convoy retreated from area and Cobra type helicopters shelled the scene at random at 23:00 at night.

A number of ambulances were sent and troops were airdropped into the area after the action which was conducted in memory of HPG guerrilla Andok (Barış Tekçe) martyred on August 11, and the civilians martyred in Cizre and Yüksekova.

During a road control between Amed and Bingöl from 16:00 to 18:30 on August 27, guerrillas seized a vehicle belonging to Bingöl Municipality.


A sabotage action by guerrillas targeted an armored vehicle on its way from Piran (Dicle) to Hani district of Amed at 16:15 on August 27. While the armored vehicle was damaged, the casualties couldn't be clarified.

In retaliation for the massacre of civilians in Gever, guerrillas infiltrated into the area of a military post under construction on Hill Zerga in Lice-Karas (Kocaköy)-Farqin (Silvan) triangle in Amed at 15:00 on August 27.

Guerrillas hit and completely destroyed four emplacements where specialist sergeants were present, while they on the other hand hit the hill with heavy weapons and entered into more emplacements here.

Nine soldiers were killed and six others were wounded in the action, after which guerrillas retreated back to their positions as the unit commander suffered an injury. After the action, four Cobra type helicopters shelled the scene for five hours.


In memory of their recently fallen comrades, guerrillas conducted an action against Kêla Bedo guard post in Xulunkê village of Van's Başkale district at 17:45 on August 27.

Targeting six soldiers during a changing of the guards at the watchtower, guerrillas killed six soldiers who included one sergeant and one specialist sergeant.

After the action, the guard posts of Kêla Bedo, Kela Esmer, Mendil, Boşan, Erci, Asınge, Xalgava and Kule launched a bombardment on the border area, while the casualties were removed from the scene with helicopters.

Guerrillas closed the road between Bitlis and Şexcuma at 15:00 on August 27, and informed the people about the current process till 20:30 in the evening.

The road between Pire Şinê and Geliyê Marinos areas in Colomerg (Hakkari) was closed by Turkish troops at 07:00 on August 27.

In another action, guerrillas targeted a group of soldiers in Dokuztaş base in Hizan district of Bitlis at 15:00 on August 26. One soldier was verified killed while the number of those wounded couldn't be clarified. After shelling the area with heavy weaponry following the action, Turkish troops started an operation in the area with the support of village guards at 00:00 at night. Clashes erupted during the operation as guerrillas responded to the troops that attempted to enter their area. One guerrilla was heavily wounded in the clashes here.

While the operation continued till 06:00 in the morning, six soldiers were killed and four others were wounded, one of them critically.

HPG refuted the Turkish media reports that seven guerrillas died here, and stated that one guerrilla who sustained a critical injury in these clashes, has died later.

Guerrillas destroyed a base station in Çankaya neighborhood of Erzurum province at 16:30 on August 27.

In another action, guerrillas ambushed a convoy of police vehicle on move near Taşburun village in Iğdır's Aralık (Başan) district at 11:00 on August 27. One minibus was destroyed and two police vehicles were heavily damaged in the action which left six police dead and two others wounded. The road was closed to traffic for the removal of casualties till the evening when the scene was shelled with Cobra type helicopters from 20:00 to 21:00.

One other action by guerrillas targeted the Zagê guard post in Dersim at 17:00 on August 26, as a result of which one guard box was destroyed, leaving one soldier dead and two others wounded. After the action, Turkish troops shelled the areas of Hill Akvanos and Sultanbaba with mortars.

The roads between Erzincan-Dersim and Dersim-Ovacık remain under the control of guerrillas since August 17.


One soldier was killed in an assassination action by guerrillas targeting the Bezelê guard post near the border to Avashin area of Medya Defense Zones at 17:10 on August 26.

The road between Şırnak and its Beytüşşebap district also remains under the control of guerrillas who are not allowing any munition dispatchment by Turkish army since August 1.

Guerrillas destroyed a base station in Nefıla village of Siirt's Sıle district at 22:00 on August 26, and one other in Dep (Karakoçan) district of Elazığ on August 25.

Guerrillas also destroyed a transmission tower located between Bespin (Görümlü) town and Silopi district of Şırnak at 19:20 on August 27.

HPG gave the following ID details of guerrilla martyred in Bitlis;

Nom de Guerre: Dersim Norşin

Name-Surname: Sedat Yavuz

Place of Birth: Bitlis

Parent's Names: Suphiye – Enver

Date and Place of Death: 27 August 2015 / Bitlis