HPG: 34 Turkish soldiers were killed in South Kurdistan

HPG reported heavy fighting between the guerrillas and the Turkish army in the resistance area of Werxelê. According to HPG information, 34 soldiers were killed in South Kurdistan on Monday.

According to HPG information, 34 members of the Turkish invading forces were killed and nine others were injured in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) on Monday. The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas are acting with great willingness to make sacrifices and are using various effective tactics in their actions, according to the daily statement by the Press Centre of the People's Defense Forces (HPG). In view of the guerrillas' resistance, the Turkish army hides behind its weapon technology and has bombed the guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones dozens of times with fighter jets, helicopters and howitzers.

Regarding the latest guerrilla actions and the attacks of the Turkish army in the different areas, the HPG gave the following information:

Battles in the Werxelê resistance area in Avaşîn

At five o'clock in the morning, an advance of Turkish troops towards the Şehîd Tekoşer tunnel was targeted by the guerrillas with heavy weapons. Fierce fighting took place between 10am and 3pm. The guerrillas used firearms and hand grenades, and at least 15 soldiers were killed and four others injured. At 1pm, two soldiers were killed and one other wounded in a sabotage action. Twenty minutes later, mobile guerrilla groups struck a Turkish unit from two flanks, leaving eleven soldiers dead and four others wounded. The guerrillas also intervened against an attack helicopter that was trying to bomb the area. The helicopter was forced to leave the area.

At four in the morning today, another attempted advance by the Turkish forces was repulsed with heavy weapons. The Turkish troops withdrew and the area was subsequently bombed by fighter jets.

Invading forces repulsed at Girê FM and Girê Cûdî

At Girê FM, a soldier was shot dead by an HPG sniper on Monday morning. Between 3 and 4 p.m., an advance by Turkish troops was repulsed with heavy weapons.

At Girê Cûdî, a simultaneous assault by the guerrillas with firearms, sniper and sabotage tactics targeted the Turkish troops at 5 pm, as a result of which three soldiers were killed. Shortly afterwards, an attempted advance by the invading forces was stopped by guerrillas with heavy weapons. The soldiers then retreated from the area.

Attacks of the Turkish army

The Turkish army carried out detonations at a guerrilla tunnel at Girê Munzur on Monday. The Girê Cûdî and Girê FM areas in the Zap region were bombed dozens of times by attack helicopters and shelled by Turkish border guards with howitzers. In Metîna, the Girê Hekarî and the Şehîd Zemanî and Şehîd Akîf tunnels were targeted by several attacks with helicopters and howitzers. The Werxelê area in Avaşîn was bombed twice by fighter jets. In Zap, nine airstrikes were carried out on the areas of Çemço, Kunîşka, Kurojahro, Girê Şehîd Tolhildan, Girê Mamreş and Koker, while HPG recorded further attacks with helicopters and howitzers.