HPG: 142 Turkish soldiers killed in the invasion operation on Zap

HPG reported that the Turkish army has retreated after suffering heavy blows at the hands of guerrilla forces during the invasion operation launched on Zap on 16 June. 142 soldiers were killed and 18 others were wounded as result of guerillas' actions

People's Defense Forces (HPG) Press Office released a statement about the invasion operation launched by the Turkish army on Zap region of Medya Defense Zones in Southern Kurdistan territory on June 16. HPG said the invasion operation has been retreated after 23 days of heavy and intense clashes.

The statement by HPG Press Office is as follows:

“The operation launched by the Turkish army with the goal of invading the Qela Bedewê, Martyr Munzur, Martyr Xeyri hills and Gijnê village within Southern Kurdistan borders at 21:45 on June 16 has faced resistance from our guerrillas from the first moment on.

In the operation area that was bombed by fighters jets and Cobra type helicopters with an 24-hour support of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles from air, as well as with missiles and artillery fire from the ground, our forces manifested superior will and resolve and kept the enemy's positions under constant fire.

The Turkish army repeatedly replaced the invading forces that were inflicted heavy blows, but still failed to achieve its goal and to hold on in the face of the self-sacrificing manner of our guerrillas.

After conducting an uninterrupted bombardment with fighter jets, Cobra helicopters, howitzer and mortar fire on the mentioned area from 8 July evening to 02:00 am of 9 July night, the Turkish army has been forced to withdraw its soldiers from the region with Sikorsky helicopters.

During this period of 23 days, our guerrillas targeted the enemy forces 69 times, and the actions with verified results left 142 enemy soldiers dead and 18 others wounded. During this period of time, 2 Sikorsky helicopters of the invading Turkish army were damaged.

6 of our brave comrades who fought in a self-sacrificing manner with guerrilla tactics to frustrate the invasion operation have fallen as martyrs during this operation.”