HPG: 11 Turkish soldiers killed

11 soldiers of the Turkish army were killed as a result of actions by guerrillas in northern Kurdistan.

The Press and Communications Center of the People’s Defense Forces (HPG) released a statement providing information about the most recent actions carried out by guerrillas against the Turkish army.

Within the scope of the Martyr Pîroz and Martyr Agirî Revolutionary Campaign, on May 15 at 19.20 guerrilla forces carried out an action against the occupying Turkish army working on the security road between the Teşê outpost and Heftkani hill in Hakkari’s Şemzînan (Şemdinli) district.

The number of dead and wounded soldiers in this action where enemy soldiers were put under intense fire could not be determined.

On the same day, at 23.00, within the scope of the campaign, guerrilla forces carried out an action against an armoured vehicle near the Şapatan neighbourhood in Şemzînan. The armoured vehicle which was hit effectively has been completely destroyed. Nine special operations soldiers were identified killed in this action.

Within the scope of the Martyr Ozan and Martyr Roza Revolutionary Campaign, on May 16 at 13.30, guerrillas carried out an action against the Dereova outpost in Dersim’s Nazımiye district. Two soldiers were killed and one soldier was wounded in this action where the positions and shelters in the outpost were effectively hit.