Heinz Bierbaum says ban on PKK should be lifted

Heinz Bierbaum, President of the European Left Party, said: “We support the lifting of the ban on the PKK,” and demanded that the PKK be removed from the EU terrorist organizations list.

Speaking to ANF, European Left Party (EL) President Heinz Bierbaum demanded that the PKK be removed from the EU terrorist organizations list.

Stating that the PKK ban is one of the biggest obstacles to peace in Turkey-Kurdistan and the region, Bierbaum referred to the PKK's protection of human values ​​in the fight against DAESH.

Bierbaum said: "The lifting of the PKK ban and removing the PKK from the EU terror list will be an important step towards the peace process in Turkey and the entire region. It will be an important sign of solidarity and the necessary recognition of the Kurdish freedom movement."

'Kurds are deprived of their rights in Europe as well'

Bierbaum said that due to the PKK ban, the Kurds were subjected to the violation of their rights not only in Turkey but also in Europe, and added that the Kurds were cut off from political life in Europe.

Bierbaum said: “The PKK ban prevents Kurds living in the European Union from being active in legal Kurdish movements due to the pressure and control by the security forces. Tens of thousands of people of Kurdish origin enjoy basic rights such as freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and freedom of the press but the ban and the consequent stigma are an obstacle to integration."

'We condemn the export of arms to Turkey'

The president of the European Left Party-EL Heinz Bierbaum also touched upon  arms exports from European countries to the Turkish state.

Bierbaum said that the European left condemned the military cooperation of the European states with the Turkish state, and added: "The European Left Party-EL rejects the export of weapons to Turkey and the entire region."