Health Council: 35 killed, over 150 wounded in Qamishlo attack

Cizîr Canton Health Council Co-Presidency said the barbaric attack in Qamishlo killed 35 people, mainly civilians, and left more than 150 others wounded.

Cizîr Canton Health Council Co-Presidency has released a statement about the attack that hit the Xerbî neighborhood of Qamishlo at 09:25 this morning.

The statement reads; "After the Turkey-backed ISIS gangs were defeated in Manbij by Manbij Military Council, these terrorist groups carried out a barbaric attack in Qamishlo in the morning hours. 35 people, mainly civilians, were martyred as a result of the bomb attack near the Asayish center at 09:25 this morning. While the martyrs include women and children, more than 150 people were also wounded.

On the other hand, there are many civilians trapped under the rubbles of the buildings and shops that were also demolished with the effect of the explosion. The number of dead and wounded could therefore increase. Search-rescue works continue in the area of the attack. All health institutions affiliated to the Health Council have mobilized for the wounded.

As Cizîr Canton Health Council Co-Presidency we condemn the coward terrorist attack, offer our condolences to the families of martyrs and wish speedy recovery to the wounded.”