HDP MP Leyla Birlik battered during detention

It came out that HDP Şırnak MP Leyla Birlik who was detained in Mardin's Midyat district and referred to court with a demand for her arrest, was battered during detention last night.

HDP Şırnak Deputy Leyla Birlik was taken into custody as a result of a raid on the house of Mardin MP Mehmet Ali Aslan in Mardin's Midyat district last night.

Deputy Mehmet Ali Aslan spoke to ANF about the operation and told the followings: “A number of special operations police entered my house and pushed me without letting me to ask any questions. They said they had an arrest warrant for Birlik and forcibly took her into custody. We were obstructed with arms when we attempted to go after her following the detention.”

Aslan underlined that: “This atrocity can not continue like this. Every atrocity has an end. They should never think that we will kneel down.”