Hanau attack: Kurdish women's organisations call for protests

Kurdish women's organisations called for demonstrations after the fascist attack in Hanau.

The Kurdish women's umbrella organisation in Germany, YJK-E (Yekitiya Jinên Kurdîstan li Elmanya) called for participation in the demonstration in front of the Paulskirche announced for 6 pm today after the fascist attack in Hanau which claimed the life of nine civilians, including two Kurds.

The nationwide organized women's association stressed that the social and institutional structure of the fascist ideology is deliberately covered up with the single perpetrator thesis; “Responsible for the fascist attack in Hanau is the German state and the criminalization policy directed against migrants and especially Kurds.”

"We will not allow fascism to be normalised in society and take our children away from us", said the YJK-E and called for self-defence against fascism.

Protest in Hamburg in front of AfD headquarters

The member organisations of the YJK-E also called for decentralised protests. In this scope, the Hamburg Women's Council Rojbîn made the following statement;

"Yesterday a neo-Nazi murdered ten people in Hanau, including four Kurdish youths and members of associations. This is the second largest right-wing attack in the history of the Federal Republic. We are therefore taking to the streets in Hamburg today to commemorate the dead: All together against fascism!

The act of Hanau did not come out of nowhere. Whether the attack on Walter Lübcke or the murders in Halle: Right-wing radicals do not only call for violence on the Internet - they also arm themselves and strike. They feel encouraged by the AfD and the right-wing populist rhetoric from the "bourgeois middle", which is supported by people like Minister of the Interior Seehofer or FDP leader Christian Lindner. Among the dead are also several Kurds. We will go there tonight, where the breeding ground for right-wing violence is being laid: The AfD headquarters.

Let's stop watching: Come with us on the street today! Let's face the right terror: Let's raise our voices against racism and exclusion.”

The demonstration will take place at 6.30 pm in front of the AfD headquarters at Schmiedestraße 2 in Hamburg city centre.