Hakkari Governorate issues ban on demonstrations, marches and open-air meetings for 15 days

Hakkari Governorate announced that demonstrations, marches and open-air meetings would be banned for 15 days.

Hakkari Governor's Office announced that actions and events such as demonstration marches, press statements, sit-ins would be banned for 15 days, as of today.
Ban will end on 17 February

Some programs will be prohibited in accordance with the provisions of Articles 17 and 19 of the Law on Meetings and Demonstrations and Article 11 of the Law on Provincial Administration No. 5442, except for the activities deemed appropriate by the governor's office and district governor's office.

The ban will end on 17 February. During the next two weeks, rallies, open-air meetings, demonstrations, marches, sit-ins, protests, human chain protests in public areas such as squares, avenues, streets, roads and parks are banned.

Likewise, marches and gatherings, all kinds of audio and visual activities that can be done with audio-broadcasting tools, hunger strike, tent protests, press statements, stand opening, signature collection, petition campaigns, flying balloons, concerts, festivals, theater plays, and all actions deemed inappropriate by the governor will be forbidden.