Guerrillas say that Zendûra resistance is a source of inspiration

Guerrillas from inside the resistance against the Turkish invasion of the Medya Defense Areas said that they carry out daily actions against the invaders.

The attacks by the Turkish state and the resistance of the guerrillas in the Medya Defense Areas are continuing heavily. Every day the extent of the war in the Medya Defense Areas becomes more visible. Guerrillas on the Qaşûra front are involved in the "Cenga Xabûrê" offensive. They spoke to ANF about the latest situation.

Guerrilla Alîşêr said: "We take action against the invading forces every day. The enemy cannot move freely in the areas he occupies. The soldiers are changed every few days. So far, the Turkish state has not achieved its goals and has even been repelled. The Turkish government is playing its last card here by trying to prolong their lives through war."

Guerrilla Alîşêr refers to the resistance of Zendûra. Guerrillas in the Metîna region successfully resisted the Turkish army for 50 days. Only when the KDP besieged the area from behind on 5 June did the guerrillas withdraw. This provocation required a change in tactics. While a group of fighters was able to withdraw safely, on 11 June, six guerrillas fell as martyrs while securing the withdrawal on the Zendûra. Guerrilla Alîşêr explains: "The Zendûra resistance clearly demonstrated the spirit of the Xabûr offensive. This resistance became a source of inspiration and strength for all guerrillas in Metîna. The creativity of the guerrillas stands out in this war. No matter how much technology they use and how violent the air strikes are, the guerrillas let these attacks fail with their tactics and methods.

The guerrillas know no obstacle even under the most difficult conditions. Women play a crucial role in guerrilla warfare. The Turkish state fears the strength of women and therefore targets them. But the attacks by the Turkish state will not go unanswered."

Women showed their strength one more time

Guerrilla Arîn reports that the Turkish army is shocked by the guerrilla resistance: "We are fighting the enemy with new methods and tactics. We are also concentrating on our camouflage here, as we previously had some difficulties with it. The resistance of the guerrillas who fell in Zendûra was a reason for further development for us. One wonders what one would have done in the place of our comrades. This is the line for our resistance."

Guerrilla Arîn continued: "When you talk about the Zendûra resistance, you think of Hêja and the other comrades. We must follow the same line of resistance to be worthy of our fallen comrade. The Zendûra resistance changed many things in my personality. The strength of the guerrilla fighters became evident in this war. I got to know my strength better in this war. We are determined and will defeat the enemy here on this land."