Guerrillas celebrate August 15

August 15 Day of Resurgence was celebrated in the Medya Defense Zones.

August 15 Day of Resurgence was celebrated in the mountains of Kurdistan in Medya Defense Zones, controlled by the Kurdish Freedom Movement, on the 35th anniversary.

PKK Executive Committee Member Xalide Engizek, PKK Central Committee Members Kasim Engin, Hemrin Dersim, Cemal Serik and Roni Baz, PKK Education Committee Member Orhan Kendal, PKK Martyrs Committee Members Zilan Tolhildan and Orhan Lotus, and HPG Commander Ceknas Kars attended the celebration which started with a minute’s silence for the martyrs.


PKK Central Committee Member Serik addressed the Kurdish Freedom Movement guerrillas who attended the celebrations and said the August 15 Lunge was the day of resurgence for the Kurdish people and the great blow to September 12 fascism, as well as the biggest democratic move in Turkey’s history. Serik saluted and commended the guerrillas and the Xakurke resistance who stand against the Turkish state’s invasion policies.


The event continued with poetry recitations, plays, music and dancing. The band Awaze Ciya, who make music in Medya Defense Zones, played a concert. PKK Central Committee Member Kasim Engin read Dr. Nuri Dersimi’s classic text, A Call for the Kurdish Youth. Morale, motivation and enthusiasm was high in the celebrations where hundreds of HPG and YJA Star guerrillas danced for hours.