Guerrillas: 2022 will be the year of our nation's victory and freedom

Guerrillas said that “this year will be the year of our nation's victory and freedom,” emphasizing that the people and the guerrilla should contribute to the process with the spirit of Newroz in a struggle for survival.

As the Newroz Day, March 21, is looming, the Kurdistan freedom guerrillas continue their preparations for the celebrations. The guerrillas who will welcome Newroz in the mountains of Kurdistan put emphasis on the importance of serhildan (Kurdish uprising) in their messages.

YJA Star fighter Rojevîn Rotînda celebrated Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan as she marked the Newroz celebrations by commemorating the martyrs of freedom.

“March is a month of serhildan and resistance for the people of Kurdistan and the Middle East. This month has a spirit of serhildan and resistance thanks to Kawa the Blacksmith, Mazlum Doğan, Zekiye Alkan and Rehşan,” Rotînda said.


Rotinda emphasized that with Newroz they would expel the invading enemy from Kurdistan.

“March is the beginning of spring. Nature is regenerating itself this month. As the fighters of Öcalan, we are also regenerating ourselves, especially in this month, and we will turn this year’s Newroz into a freedom Newroz for the Kurdish people and the oppressed peoples of the world. We will expel the enemy forces from these lands,” Rotînda said.

The female guerrilla fighter explained this year’s Newroz goals as follows: “Our goal for this year's Newroz is to make this year the final year and remove the enemy forces from these lands. Therefore, I want to say this to our people, Kurdish youth and Kurdish women; do not accept this cruelty and brutality and join the serhildan with the spirit of Newroz and the resistance spirit of comrades like Mazlum. Let's not say 'berxwedan jiyan e' (resistance is life) anymore, let's say 'serhildan jiyan e' (rebellion is life)!.”



HPG guerrilla Şaho Tolhildan pointed out that the resistance of a contemporary Kawa, Mazlum Doğan, which enlightened Kurdistan, continues in the mountains of Kurdistan today. “Just as Kawa the Blacksmith defeated the enemy with his will and power in past history, our movement has gained strength in the same way over the years. The resistance continued with the slogan 'berxwedan jiyan e' in the person of Mazlum Doğan. We are going through a critical period in 2022 which is very important for the Kurdish people and our movement. As one of Öcalan’s fighters, I took it upon myself to step into action with the spirit of Newroz, Kawa the Blacksmith Kawa and the contemporary Kawa, Mazlum Doğan. Before the eyes of the whole world, an unprecedented resistance is mounted against the most advanced army of modern times in Metîna, Zap, Avaşîn and Behdînan, and the enemy forces are being defeated each day,” Tolhildan said,

“The ongoing war is a war of survival for us. Our people and the guerrillas should unite and participate in this resistance with a spirit of self-sacrifice. We, as guerrillas, will fight until the last drop of our blood. This year will be the year of victory and freedom for our nation. For this very reason, it is not enough to just say 'berxwedan jiyan e', we should say 'yan serkeftin yan serkeftin' (either success or success). Let's make 2022 the year of physical freedom of Öcalan and all oppressed peoples. My call to our people is to embrace this process and to support the guerrillas more than ever before.”



Another guerrilla fighter, Welat Midyad, expressed his feelings about the upcoming Newroz: “Comrade Mazlum Dogan took over the fire of Kawa in prison with the power and will of Kawa and smashed fascism and enlightened the Kurdish people and Kurdistan. This fire has been stoked up by the resistance of comrades in Metîna, Zap, Avaşîn and Garê.”

“We urge our patriotic people to manifest outstanding resistance together with the guerrillas in the mountains based on the spirit of the Kawa, Mazlum, Cumali, Ronahi, Serhat, Çavreş and Hejar. Our goal for this year is to celebrate Newroz with our leader. In this sense, we will stoke up the Newroz fire in the mountains of Kurdistan and achieve freedom,” Midyad concluded.