Guerrilla Kendal Kobanê: We are heading towards victory

Guerrilla Kendal Kobanê said that the Turkish state has been unable to break the resistance for months and continues to use chemical weapons.

HPG guerrilla Kendal Kobanê is a young guerrilla. He took part in the Avashin campaign during the Bazên Zagrosê revolutionary offensive and is one of the guerrillas who hit Turkish soldiers when they attacked the guerrilla positions in the Werxelê area on 8 June 2021. Guerrilla Kendal Kobanê told ANF what he experienced and witnessed during the war and drew attention to the insistent calls for surrender by the Turkish army.

Guerrilla Kendal said that they are prepared for the attacks by the Turkish state and added: "We knew that the enemy would head towards the Werxelê area. That's why we made preparations. When the enemy tried to advance, we hit them. The enemy tries to get results with psychological warfare methods. They tell us to surrender and they use arguments such as ‘we know you have no water or food’. We don’t even consider their calls. Sometimes they get information from agents. They even say absurd things like, 'If you want to surrender, fire three times'. Of course, we laugh at this or we fire three times and say 'We will not surrender, but you should surrender'."

Guerrilla Kendal said that the Turkish president makes great propaganda for his army, and added: "His very powerful army, however, cannot approach our tunnels out of fear. They are still trying to achieve something using dogs. Now we know the methods of this enemy. Mines left with ropes, dogs with a camera in their heads, the calls of soldiers who did not dare to enter, etc. Despite this, friends always act cautiously. Friends notice every attempt of the enemy in advance and we take our measures immediately.”

Guerrilla Kendal continued: “A comrade sometimes fights against twenty soldiers, but when we start shooting, the soldiers run away. They don't even come to pick up the bodies of their dead friends. This is the situation of the Turkish soldiers. They are using reconnaissance planes on us, Skorsky and Cobra helicopters, warplanes are hovering over our areas 24 hours a day. So, even if they don't see any target, they keep hitting the ground for nothing just to affect our psychology. We know what the enemy is trying to do, and all this does not affect our concentration at all. The resistance continues today. We are heading towards victory. If they take one friend from us, we will take dozens from them. We will fight to the end not only to physically eliminate the enemy, but to destroy this mentality."