Gorran MP: Qandil would be like Tora Bora without the PKK

Dr. Yusif Mehmud, an Iraqi parliamentarian of the Gorran Movement, said that "If the PKK was not in Qandil, the region would be like Tora Bora."

The Committee of Mothers with White Scarves visited the Iraqi Parliament's Office in Sulaymaniyah after making a press statement against the Turkish invasion attacks on southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

The mothers were welcomed by a parliamentarian of the Gorran Movement, Dr. Yusif Mehmud.

“I believe that if PKK guerrillas were not present in these areas, the Turkish state would still attack. If there was no responsible force in Qandil, there would be a radical terrorist and the region would become like Tora Bora and difficult get under control. It would constitute a major problem for Iraq, Turkey, Iran and the region,” RojNews cited Mehmud as saying.

A mountainous region full of caves in the White Mountains, eastern Afghanistan is called Tora Bora. This region was occupied by ISIS mercenaries after a brief clash with the Taliban forces in June 2017.

Mehmud highlighted the need for Turkey to develop a solution to this 40-year-old conflict through peace and dialogue, adding, “We help raising the voices of peace mothers.  We urge the KDP and PKK to resolve their problems peacefully.”