Gorran Deputy: The real terrorist is the Turkish state

Gorran MP Adil Aziz said PKK and PYD are Kurdish national forces, stressing that the real terrorist is the Turkish state that provides all kinds of support for the ISIS.

The Movement for Change, Gorran MP Adil Aziz spoke to ANF and voiced criticism regarding what happened during yesterday's joint press briefing by Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım and KDP leader Massoud Barzani.

Aziz said such a visit at such a time was saddening from the point of the Kurds, and said it was unacceptable that Turkish PM labelled the PKK and PYD “terrorist” by the side of a Kurdish party leader, and that this leader remained silent and said nothing.


Calling on Kurdish political parties and people to take a stance against the Turkish state's occupation in Southern Kurdistan, Aziz said the followings: "We state it clearly that it is the Turkish state that supports ISIS and that is the true terrorist. If it wasn't for the PKK and PYD, much more blood would have been shed in Shengal and Rojava by now. Guerrillas and fighters have defended the people of Southern Kurdistan. However, we cannot say anything to those that call these forces terrorists because they are enemies. What is saddening is that they can speak these words while standing next to KDP leader Masoud Barzani. We definitively see the PKK and PYD as a national force that defends Kurdistan together with peshmergas. I criticize such an attitude and I call upon all the political forces to take a stance against it. I call on the Kurdish people to be one voice against Turkish colonialism and military occupation in Southern Kurdistan."