Gerîla TV publishes footage of revolutionary operation in Xakurkê

Gerîla TV published footage of the revolutionary operation in Xakurkê towards the end of December, in which dozens of soldiers were killed.

In the images published by Gerîla TV, it is seen that the guerrilla units entered the perimeter of the Turkish army, despite the harsh winter conditions.

The action was carried out from various sides, and the bodies of the killed soldiers, their weapons and positions are seen in the images.

In a previous statement, HPG Press Center (HPG-BİM) said that they carried out a revolutionary operation in Xakurkê on 22 December, at around 15:00. The action was named after Comrade Martyr Ahmed Rûbar, one of the leading guerrilla commanders.

It was reported that in this operation, 27 soldiers were killed. The bodies of 17 of them were seized, as well as many weapons and military equipment.

In another coordinated action in Metîna, 9 soldiers were punished.

The Turkish army, which systematically concealed its losses from the public, was forced to admit that Lieutenant Ramazan Günay, Specialist Sergeant Mehmet Serinkan, Specialist Corporal Ismail Yazıcı and mercenaries Emre Taşkın, Yasin Karaca and Çağatay Erenoğlu died after this action.