Flooding hits Tuşba, causing material damage

Many houses in the Tuşba district's Seyrantepe and Beyüzümü neighbourhoods have become unusable as a result of the flood disaster.

Flooding occurred in the Seyrantepe and Beyüzümü neighborhoods of Tuşba, Van after heavy rain that started at around 03:00 last night. Citizens are trying to clean their living spaces while evacuating their things using their own means against the rain, which is causing harm to winter preparations due to the flooding in many basements.

It was reported that a house in Beyüzümü neighbourhood was flooded and the children trapped inside were rescued by locals in the next neighbourhood.

Authorities have not yet stepped in.

While there was a power outage in the area, it was discovered that the authorities had not yet taken any action into what transpired.

Material damages were detected during the day-long inspection of the Tuşba District administration and council members of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP).

The HDP delegation is still meeting with the residents.