Êzidîs call upon the PKK and the world

The final declaration of the Democratic Êzidî Society Coordination meeting held in Shengal, where delegates from across Kurdistan, Europe, Russia and Armenia came together, was issued.

The Democratic Êzidî Society Coordination had held a meeting, with the participation of more than 60 delegates from across Kurdistan, Europe, Russia and Armenia, on Mount Shengal between December 25-28. The coordination issued the final declaration of this meeting, where it described the PKK as the hope of Êzidî people and called upon the guerillas to not withdraw from Shengal.


In its declaration, the coordination emphasized that massacres are not the fate of Êzidî people, who now want to put an end to massacres. For this purpose, the coordination underlined the importance of learning lessons from the latest 74th massacre and drew attention to the necessity of unity and solidarity. The coordination called for initiatives that would unify Êzidî people and achieve a platform and mechanism that represents the will of Êzidîs.


The Democratic Êzidî Society Coordination described Shengal as the motherland of all Êzidîs and called upon Êzidî people to prioritize Shengal in all of their efforts. The coordination called for material and moral support to Shengal, and described the recent debates on Shengal as disturbing and painful. The coordination said ‘Those that have nothing to say to Êzidî people are claiming to take control of the Êzidîs in Shengal and are using the support of the AKP government, who is an enemy of Kurds and Êzidîs. After abandoning Êzidîs to ISIS, they act like nothing has happened and try to establish their rule over Shengal. We demand that the UN, EU and other international organizations function as guarantor parties, and that the PKK, which is an effective national force in the fight against ISIS, continues to defend our society. PKK asked nobody when it came to our rescue, and nobody was able to prevent it then. They came with a humane and national responsibility…We call upon the PKK: If you had not come to our rescue, we could have been wiped or Shengal could have been abandoned if survivors migrated from the city. With your arrival, you became the hope of our people, who have seen you as their security and decided to stay and resist under the most difficult conditions. Many of these people’s problems, such as security and administration, have not yet been resolved. We think that you still have a responsibility and, although you have not made an official statement or attempt, we do not think that it would be right for you to withdraw from Shengal. We believe that this society needs you and that you will be sensitive on this issue.’


The coordination stated that it adopts Shengal’s autonomy securing the rights of Êzidîs as the basis of all political and diplomatic efforts, and decided to apply to international institutions on this issue. The coordination added that its meetings are open to any regional or central governments that accept its will and works towards the solution of the problems in Shengal.


The Democratic Êzidî Society Coordination emphasized the importance of Êzidî people’s mobilization and self-expression across the world in the unification of Êzidî society, and described the mobilization and institutionalization of the Êzidîs in Shengal as a concrete example of such organization. The coordination announced that a Democratic Êzidî Society administration made up of 31 representatives from across Kurdistan and the rest of the world and 5 coordinators has been created during the meeting on Mount Shengal, and a decision has been made to expand and strengthen Shengal Resistance Units (YBŞ) as the defense forces in Shengal. The coordination called upon everyone to support the YBŞ materially and morally, and work towards the official recognition of the YBŞ.

Lastly, the coordination called upon all Êzidîs to work towards the unity of their society and return to Shengal, no matter what their political ideas and family or tribe interests may be.