Every place must become a ground of resistance

In Northern Kurdistan a tremendous struggle and resistance is taking hold. This resistance is continuing under the banner of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) and the Free Women's Troops (YJA-Star).

The latest actions of the freedom guerrillas have dealt heavy blows to the Turkish army. It is important to assess this resistance taking place in Northern Kurdistan, the severe blows stricken on the Turkish state and the overall state of affairs properly.

We are now in the month of August. This month commemorates the anniversary of the first shot fired at the Turkish army by the guerrillas on 15 August 1984, which marks the struggle of existence and a national resistance. This history was brought to life thanks to the unparalleled efforts and labour of legendary commander Egîd and a unit of his comrades and their absolute self-sacrifice. That historical action of the year 1984, that sowed the seeds of freedom for the people of Kurdistan and all peoples in the entire region, is of great relevancy and entails a deep meaning.

With the words of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, August 15 is the "foothold of resoluteness and trust". This action was carried out at such a time, in which Kurdistan's community was torn asunder by betrayal and treason in its own ranks, was being suffocated through all possible kinds of barbaric means, was denied even its mere existence and every person submitted to the ruling regimes, lost all hopes to live. The guerrillas and freedom fighters who are the successors of commander Egîd, have today taken over this historical action.

If you take a look at the progress the freedom struggle has made, you will see that these historical achievements which have been made with the freedom struggle of the people of Kurdistan, are an evident token of the influence of that action's spirit. That action led by the legendary commander Egîd was carried out victoriously and this very first shot that was fired became the call for freedom of Kurdistan, chasing away slowly the deep-rooted fear and giving way to great courage. After this historical action a fierce struggle covering the routes of Kurdistan's territory commenced. In this struggle the line defending the resistance, freedom and democracy, that has become the feature of all the peoples in the person of the Kurdish people, prevailed indubitably. The freedom inheriting spirit and mentality that have struck roots in Kurdistan's soil, became the new born Kurdish people's philosophy of a new life. The people of Kurdistan, that have organised themselves and recreated society based on this line, have in fact implemented what has been put off as "impossible" and produced new followers, bestowing them on all humanity.

Kurdistan and the Middle East are boiling. The fascist and occupying Turkish state in the person of Erdoğan is hurling severe bombardments on the combatants and guerrillas fighting for freedom and on the civilian population. These attacks are certainly not only restricted to Northern Kurdistan alone. Heavy attacks are also launched against Rojava, particularly the Efrîn canton. The Turkish state does not acknowledge any limits. It is shelling the Efrîn canton and the Shehba region on a daily basis with its tanks, missiles and artillery. It is slaughtering civilians. Hardly a day passes without Turkish reconnaissance aircraft scanning and their war planes bombing the Medya Defense Zones.

With their highly developed technology they are seeking to flatten Kurdistan's geography. And by bombing Kurdistan's mountains they are destroying entire forests and ecosystems. But this does not satisfy them yet. So the Turkish state and its media are ravaging Kurdistan with special warfare every single day. Through fake news full of lies and deception they are trying to earn the acceptance and sympathy of the peoples living in Turkey. But it is becoming more and more clear, that their dirty games are coming gradually to an end. The mask of the Turkish state and the AKP-MHP bloc is falling off. The occupying Turkish state is shooting itself in the foot.

There are yet also some outside powers who meddle in the Middle East and are imposing a dirty policy as the like of the Turkish state as well. Those foreign powers have turned the Middle East to a lake of blood. The Kurdish people are eyed by those powers as a jeopardy, because the Kurdish people are bearer of a true alternative. The Kurds have not only sought their own freedom, but put all efforts into the creation of a new life per se and put up an extensive struggle. And this new shape of life is the Democratic Nation. The currently most evident example of this life structure can be seen in Western Kurdistan born out of the Rojava Revolution. In Rojava the struggle based on the philosophy and project of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan continues at its highest performance. Concurrently, with the ongoing implementation of those projects and suggestions of Öcalan, which he also designated for a Democratic Turkey, the attacks and massacres perpetrated by the Turkish state increase more and more.

Therefore the Turkish state cooperates with foreign powers, which are seeking to eliminate the PKK movement for ages, and launch their attacks in accordance to that. For years Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan is kept in an aggravated isolation on Imrali prison island, while in the cities of Kurdistan and on the border Kurdish children are massacred in front of the eyes of the entire tacit world, women are systematically raped and abused. The entire geography of Kurdistan is getting plundered, dams, hydro electric systems and military bases are being built en masse. Historical sites of ancient times are put under water, and others like ancient Sur levelled to the ground and burned to ashes. Supporters of democracy, journalists and the representatives elected by the free will of the people are all getting thrown into prison cells. Is what the fascist and occupying AKP-MHP coalition doing in any way inferior to what Hitler did? It is no doubt not lagging behind whatsoever. A genocide is being committed in Kurdistan and the world must recognize and assess it correctly.

This genocide is being conducted from all sides. After the treaty of Lausanne the decision was given to exterminate the Kurdish people physically and culturally. This decision is still prevalent and still put into action. However also they know very well that neither the Kurds nor those unprecedented heroes who fought for this cause until death will ever allow this genocide to take hold, they will in fact put an end to it once and for all with their struggle and resistance. The plans of the AKP-MHP will never succeed. They fancied that nobody would be able to even mention the freedom struggle anymore by April 2017, as they dreamed of having wiped out the freedom movement until then for good. They schemed plans of 'elimination' and craved for realizing those. They wanted to subdue the people, they fancied to bring them down on their knees. And in this aspect they had been very confident. But those dreams remained imagination and words at best. The Freedom Movement has spread to everywhere, new recruits are flocking to join the guerrilla ranks. Kurds, Arabs, Armenians, Syriacs, Turkmens and internationalists have headed to Rojava, to the Rojava Revolution. The followers of legendary commander Egîd have not yielded to them and have elevated their resistance and struggle to the highest degree. And this seems to be in fact the most meaningful reaction that can be given on the occasion of this month.

Now, history is written anew in the Middle East through the philosophy and solution proposals of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan. The declaration of the Northern Syria Democratic Federation, the operation to liberate Raqqa and the proclamation of Shengal's autonomy have shaken the mentality of nation states in the Middle East to the bone, the same way as the actions of the freedom fighters following the steps of Egîd in Northern Kurdistan are shaking the fascist and occupying Turkish state deeply. For this reason those powers that have made poor calculations in regard to Kurdistan, have come out on the short end. The Kurdish people, that refused to abandon their lands, that have strengthened their unity and joined the guerrilla ranks and the Rojava Revolution, have proved once more that whenever the Kurdish people struggle in a unified front they will be able to stand against the entire world. Therefore everyone is urged to fulfil their task. The actions and activities that are carried out are not enough, they need to be multiplied. Every corner needs to become a ground of resistance. For a free Kurdistan, the resistance that was put up at the time of the self-administration in the cities of Kurdistan must continue. The struggle must be enhanced step by step and reach the zenith of an uprising. The biggest task and duty lies therein on the shoulders of the women and the youth.