Egypt: “Events in Afrin are reminiscent of the Armenian Genocide”

The Egyptian Parliament issued a warning that methods of annihilation and exile Turkey utilizes in Afrin are reminiscent of the Armenian Genocide.

The Egyptian Parliamentary committee on the matters of Arab countries issued a statement and stressed that the invasion of Afrin is “an ethnic cleansing”.

The statement warned against an ethnic cleansing against Kurds in Rojava and Southern Kurdistan and stressed that Turkey’s attacks against Afrin and Shengal are attacks against the independence of Syria and Iraq.

The statement also pointed out the massacres and exile involved in the invasion of Afrin and said the events are reminiscent of the genocide against the Armenian people in 1915: “These mass executions are reminiscent of the genocide the Armenian people suffered in the Ottoman empire during World War I.”

The committee’s statement called on the United Nations (UN) and demanded Turkey withdraw their trops from Syria and Iraq, and issued the criticism that the silence in the face of the invasions is grieving.