Donations needed to expand physiotherapy center in Maxmur refugee camp

The Hamburg-based Kurdistanhilfe e.V. association is calling for donations to equip the expanded physiotherapy center in Maxmur refugee camp.

The Hamburg-based Kurdistanhilfe e.V. association is calling for donations to expand the physiotherapy center in Maxmur Refugee Camp in South Kurdistan. The increasing demand of the population made the construction of further buildings necessary. Now around 7,000 euros are needed to equip the new rooms in the self-managed refugee camp.

The physiotherapy center in the camp, which has existed since 2003, can currently treat 15 to 20 people a day. A team of three physiotherapists has since worked with people to solve the main problems which are related to back issues, but has also worked with injured members of the camp population who need special physiotherapy to restore their muscular systems. This physiotherapy center has now reached its limits. In order to be able to meet the increasing demand, additional rooms were built. With the expansion, it was possible to create an area for women and one for men.

Donations to the physiotherapy center needed

The following devices are to be purchased from the donations received to equip the other rooms:

Ultrasound therapy device

Shock wave therapy device

Back traction device ("stretch bench")

Neck traction device

Laser device

Infrared device

Paraffin bath


Ergometer bike

Wheelchair and walking sticks

Around 7,000 euros is required for this.

"In view of the difficult situation in which the population of Maxmur refugee camp finds themselves due to a de facto embargo imposed by the KDP, supporting the physiotherapy center is an important humanitarian task that we should face," said Kurdistan Aid.

Kurdistanhilfe Association

The Hamburg-based Kurdistanhilfe e.V. is a non-profit organization that has been providing humanitarian aid to the civilian population in Kurdistan for 25 years. The aim of the association is to alleviate hardship, to serve the development of democratic structures that help to respect and promote human rights and especially women's rights, in order to favour a peaceful coexistence of ethnic groups, religions and genders. To this end, the association supports various projects in the Kurdish regions of Turkey, Iraq and Syria. Thanks to direct contacts in the region, the aid reaches the projects directly. More detailed information about the work of the association can be found on the homepage of Kurdistanhilfe e.V., in particular about the donation projects for Maxmur Camp.

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