Delegations in Qandil against the Turkish state

The delegations that went to Qandil against the Turkish state invasion visited the human shield activists.

Hundreds of people who set out in the morning to support the human shield action launched by the youth have arrived in Qandil along with the National Front against the invasion that includes writers, activists, religious scholars and politicians and the KNK (Kurdistan National Congress) delegation.

People who set out from Sulaymaniyah, Germiyan, Khanaqin, Duhoq, Halabja, Hewler and various other centers came together in the Sengeser territory in the Raperin region and arrived in Qandil in a large group.

Delegations arriving in Qandil held a press statement after their visit to human shield activists.

The crowd made important statements against the Turkish state’s invasion attacks. Representatives from institutions called on all the people of Kurdistan and political forces to stand against the invasion.