Curfew partially lifted in Nusaybin

The “curfew” declared on March 14 in Abdulkadir Paşa, Fırat, Dicle, Yenişehir, Zeynel Abidin and Kuşla neighborhoods of Mardin’s Nusaybin district has been partially lifted.

In Mardin’s Nusaybin district, where 7 curfews had been declared previously, the latest curfew declared on March 14 has been partially lifted. The statement by the Governorate of Mardin declared the lifting of the curfew. The written statement published on the Governorate’s website reads:

“A curfew had been declared on March 14, 2016 at 00:00 in our province’s Nusaybin District due to the increasing terror incidents, to ensure the safety of our citizens’ and their property, and to reinstate the atmosphere of peace and security according to the relevant articles of Provincial Administration Act number 5442.

The curfew has been lifted starting from July 25, 14:00 in Yeni Turan, Yeşil Kent, Mor Yakup, 8 Mart, Gırnavas, Devrim, Selahaddin Eyyubi, Çatalözü, İpekyolu and Barış neighborhoods. But the curfew will continue between 21:00 and 05:00 in these neighborhoods.

According to the relevant laws, the curfew will continue in Abdulkadir Paşa, Fırat, Dicle, Yenişehir, Zeynel Abidin and Kışla neighborhoods until further notice.

We request our citizens not enter the curfew neighborhoods to ensure their own safety and take relevant care. Additionally, our citizens may apply to the Nusaybin District Governorate, the district governorates of their residence and the Mardin Governorate to assess the damage made by the terrorist organisation.”