Crisis Desk: 101 out of 178 Cizre victims yet to be identified

The Crisis Desk formed for the purpose of identifying the casualties of Cizre massacre stated that out of the 178 victims whose bodies were recovered from the area of massacre, 101 are yet to be identified.

The Crisis Desk formed by DBP, MEYA-DER and Mesopotamia Lawyers' Association (MHD) for the purpose of identifying the casualties of Cizre massacre held a press conference in DBP Headquarters in Amed.

Providing information regarding the current situation, DBP Party Assembly Member Ayşegül Çolan said bodies of 178 people have been retrieved from the basements of atrocity in Cizre so far, and among these only 41 could be identified through DNA match.

"Following the savage massacre perpetrated in Cizre, it is now intended to subject families to another atrocity over the corpses. Families are facing harassment and threats during the procedures to receive the bodies, which lasts for days", Çoban said.

Çoban called upon the families to avoid relying any side other than the Crisis Desk, and to apply to their side for DNA test and identification.

DBP Party Assembly Member pointed out that 13 unidentified victims that had been brought to Şırnak were kidnapped by state forces and later buried in the cemetery of the nameless.

According to the current figures provided by the Crisis Desk, 178 corpses were recovered from the area of basements so far. Of these, 78 were taken to the the Forensic Medicine Institute temporarily set up at Khabur border gate, 13 to Şırnak, 28 to Urfa, 20 to Antep, 17 to Mardin, 16 to Cizre and 6 to Malatya.

Among the corpses retrieved so far, 65 have been laid to rest. 12 others have been identified but not buried yet, while as many as 101 are yet to be identified; which include 13 kept in Urfa, 53 at Khabur border, 9 in Antep, 6 in Mardin, 14 in Cizre and 6 in Malatya.