Condition of Behdinan prisoners getting worse

The action of the prisoners is on its 20th day.

Gorran Movement parliamentarian Şayan Eskerî made a statement on his Facebook account about the Behdinan prisoners who have been on hunger strike for 20 days, demanding a fair trial.

Eskerî stated that the prisoners continue their hunger strike action and their condition is getting worse every day. He said that the action will not be brought to an end until the prisoners are granted a fair trial.

Eskerî pointed out that the Kurdistan Regional Government was responsible for the condition of the prisoners and called for the courts to act fairly without going under the influence of political groups.


Four prisoners named Mesûd Elî Hacî, Bendewar Eyûb Reşîd, Karker Ebas Elî and Şêrwan Teha Emîn went on a death fast demanding fair trial. Following them, 82 other prisoners in Behdinan, including journalists and activists, went on hunger strike with the same demand. The action of the prisoners is on its 20th day.