Communal life on the high alps of Qandil

With the beginning of spring, the population of Qandil moves to the high pastures.

Spring has begun and the people of Qandil are camping in tents on the mountain pastures. This tradition continues despite the Turkish air raids. Many people from Qandil go to Sulaymaniyah, Ranya or Kirkuk in the winter to work and earn a living there. In spring, they are drawn back to the mountains. They cannot get used to city life. On the mountain pastures, they cultivate a collective lifestyle.

Women play an important role in this life. They get up early in the morning to milk their sheep and then feed them. With milk and home-made yoghurt, they can earn an income.

In the evenings, the women gather around a tent and weave baskets. The men also join them. Their conversations are often about the oppression of the Kurdish people. They sing songs that testify to the centuries-old resistance of the Kurds.