Call for solidarity with the people of Nusaybin facing ongoing demolition

Former co-mayor of Nusaybin pointed to the increasingly ongoing demolition in the district over the past several days, and called for support for the residents amid challenging winter conditions.

Following months of an all-out onslaught by Turkish military and police forces in Mardin's Nusaybin district during the last one year, state forces surrounded the neighborhoods of Kanika, Fırat, Yenişehir, Abdulkadirpaşa ve Newroz -which were a scene to self-governance resistance- and started a major demolition campaign in these areas where even undamaged houses are being torn down.

Former co-mayor of Nusaybin, Sara Kaya spoke to ANF regarding the latest situation in the district, and called for further solidarity with its people amid challenging winter conditions.

Kaya stated that a major demolition campaign has been started in the district for the past several days as state forces continue tearing the neighborhoods to the ground and demolishing even undamaged houses.

Kaya pointed out that the Turkish state which turned a deaf ear to Nusaybin residents' demand to turn back home was now realizing a plan for the total destruction of the district. She stressed that people would resist this destruction plan.

Remarking that the state wanted to lock people in the houses it itself has built, Kaya said the people of Nusaybin, however, did not want or accept to settle in these houses, to which end they have submitted thousands of petitions to relevant authorities.

Kaya emphasised that residents of Nusaybin wanted their own houses, adding: "However, the state is demolishing the houses of residents, even the undamaged ones, in a total destructive manner."

Calling attention to the need for further solidarity with the people of Nusaybin, Kaya said the assistance provided so far is of great importance but not sufficient as residents are facing more challenging conditions in the winter season at the moment, and are in urgent need of materials such as stove, blanket and wood.

Kaya called on the people of Kurdistan to provide further support for Nusaybin people on this basis.