Call for Êzidîs not to vote in independence referendum

Shengal Democratic Autonomous Assembly Co-chair Kurdê Elî called on the Êzidîs not to cast vote in the Southern Kurdistan Independence Referendum scheduled for tomorrow.

Shengal Democratic Autonomous Assembly Co-chair Kurdê Elî spoke to ANF after the press conference in which the Assembly announced their decision for the referendum.

Kurdê Elî said; “We will not accept this referendum. We won’t allow it to be held in our villages and towns. We do not recognize this referendum and we will oppose it to the end. Our people are still suffering, ending up as refugees outside of their own lands. Our regions are not ready for the referendum, it is no right time.”

Remarking that this referendum will bring no benefit to the Êzidî people, Kurdê Elî said; “We have learned that the Êzidî citizens had their houses raided and their ID cards confiscated 10 days ago. They seized the ID cards of all those aged 18 and above and they will use those to vote with.

Some of our people in Southern Kurdistan do not want to cast vote. We are not affiliated to Southern Kurdistan and we will not go to ballot boxes. We, Êzidî people, are not affiliated to the Barzani family.”