Bahoz Erdal refutes fabricated Turkish media reports on his death

HPG Commander Dr. Bahoz Erdal whom Turkey claims to have killed in Rojava's Qamishlo city, spoke to Radio Dengê Kurdistan and refuted the fabricated Turkish media reports on his death.

HPG Commander Dr. Bahoz Erdal whom Turkey claims to have killed in Rojava's Qamishlo city, spoke to Radio Dengê Kurdistan and refuted the fabricated Turkish media reports on his death.

Below is the statement of Bahoz Erdal from a voice record broadcast by Radio Dengê Kurdistan, translated by ANF English service;

"I greet the workers and audience of Dengê Kürdistan, and all the people of Kurdistan. Turkish state media reported recently that there has been an attack near the Qamishlo city, Rojava, and that I was targeted in this attack in person. We would really not like to respond to this claim as our people know very well that the Turkish colonialism is trying to hide the truths for over 35 years now. They are trying to deceive the public opinion and society with lies and fabricated news. They are resorting to methods of psychological warfare as they are getting defeated against the Kurdistan revolutionary war. They are trying to cover up their own weakness and defeat by means of lies. Our people do already know this reality of the Turkish state. However, now that this issue came to the agenda, I would like to state that the news of the Turkish media and state are not true and have nothing to do with the truth. These reports are methods of a special war, and part of the policy of lies aiming to change the agenda. Without doubt, we as revolutionaries of Kurdistan could fall a martyr during the revolution anytime; we are taking part in this revolution with this awareness. Our most valuable comrades are falling a martyr in the battle fields. Our path is the path of martyrs and we speak our words on this basis. We believe this cause of ours will succeed no matter which one of us gets martyred or remains alive. We are ready to fall a martyr but these reports are a lie told by the AKP government which is desperate and facing a deadlock. The AKP government is possessed by fear and attacks the Rojava Revolution every time the revolution takes a major step and inflicts a blow on ISIS. This happens because Rojava Revolution has been the first power to expose the AKP-ISIS relations. AKP has provided the ISIS with every kind of support, sending them arms, militants, medicine and engaged in an oil trade with them. AKP is still aiding the ISIS and fears that its relations with the ISIS could be exposed. The dirty and shady network of AKP-ISIS relations are coming to light in every move and success of the Rojava Revolution against ISIS. This is why Turkey doesn't want the ISIS to get weaker or defeated. AKP relies its own existence to that of ISIS which is being defeated and destroyed by the Rojava Revolution. This is the very reason why Turkey is hostile to the Rojava Revolution and wants it defeated.

Turkey has another fear; to be brought to account for the massacres they committed in North Kurdistan. There is no difference between what ISIS did in Shengal-Kobanê and what the forces of Turkish state and Erdoğan have done in Nusaybin, Cizre and Sur. Both constitute a same mindset and practice. The AKP's practice in North Kurdistan is not different than that of ISIS.

During the election process, AKP said 'I must rule alone for stability and peace as the war will continue in the contrary case'. Yet, it has been understood well enough that the AKP doesn't do anything but war among peoples for the sake of its own ruling. AKP and Erdoğan have turned Turkey and Kurdistan into a blood bath. This government has committed a war crime against the Kurds and the other peoples of Turkey. They are thus afraid of being brought to account for that, and therefore make an effort to hide the truths. They are using the Turkish media for this special war propaganda. We trust our people are aware of this.

What we need to focus on is not the AKP's lies or remarks but the revolutionary duties we need to fulfill for the freedom of our people in this process. Once we fulfill our responsibilities and enhance our organisation and participation, we will give the best answer to this special war.

Some are asking where we are and why we are not seen at all. We are the soldiers of our country and I am there where I need to be. We do not have to tell the AKP government where we are. We will be there where the Kurdistan Revolution orders and assigns us to be.

What we need to know basically is that the enemy and their press are spreading falsified news with an aim to influence our people negatively and create an agenda according to themselves. Reports that I have been targeted in an explosion in Qamislo 3-4 days ago are not true. There is no such a thing. Our people should know this truth and not rely on the lies of the enemy.

I greet my people once again and state that I as a soldier of the Kurdistan revolution will be doing what the revolution of our country requires. We will base on being worthy of our martyrs and people."

Below is the voice record of Bahoz Erdal: