Another kasibkar killed in East Kurdistan

Iranian policemen killed a kasibkar in the province of Loristan in East Kurdistan.

According to Kolbernews, Iranian police targeted the vehicle of a kasibkar named Mihemed Sadiq near the city of Xurmawa in Loristan province on 22 March.

The man was killed as a result of the attack. It was learned that Sadiq was registered in the population of Seqiz, Sine.

In addition, it was reported that a kolbar from Salalah named Behroz Muradi was seriously injured as a result of the attack of Iranian soldiers between Eastern and Southern Kurdistan. According to Kolbernews, the attack took place on 21 March.

Kolbars and kasibkars are the target of systematic attacks by the Iranian state. Dozens of people are being murdered under total impunity. Kolbars are trying to earn their living despite the risk for their lives due to harsh weather conditions and dangerous geographic conditions.

Kolber or "kolbar" is derived from the Kurdish words "kol" and "bar". “Kol” means "back", bar means "load". Kolbers make a living by carrying loads across the dangerous border line. These goods include cigarettes, mobile phones, covers, household items, tea and rarely alcoholic beverages. The goods brought in are sold at very high prices in commercial centers such as Tehran. However, kolbers who do this job can receive a very small amount of wages.

Kasibkar is the person who take over the delivery of the goods that kolbars carry to South Kurdistan and find buyers by traveling from city to city.