AKP's trustee massacres trees to build roads “for civilization”

Holding to the motto "Make way for civilization", AKP-appointed trustee to Van's Gürpınar district ordered a massacre of trees that damages the region's nature irreversibly.

After cutting down the trees in the center of Van’s Gürpınar district for the construction of a workplace, state-appointed trustee Osman Doğramanci pushed this time forward the slogan "Way for civilization" and had a vast field of trees in Cumhuriyet neighbourhood in the district center to be cut down.

Owner of a garden of fruit trees that also lies on the way where the road building works are underway, Serdar Can, expressed his reactions towards the felling of trees and called the people not to be indifferent, saying:

"In our days, greeneries and many natural resorts of our society get exploited and destroyed for the profit of a handful of people. Exactly the same happens unfortunately also in our Gürpınar district like the last time when many trees were cut down for the construction of a workplace in the center of the district. Now they repeat it with road constructions and intend to uproot all the vegetation of our neighbourhood. We want to remind all those who claim to 'open the way for civilization', that we will never approve of the exploitation and destruction, because each felled tree amounts to the killing of a human."